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Monday, January 28, 2013

It's safe to say that right now my scales are not my best friend. I've certainly given myself to over indulge over the Christmas period and as I rarely drink the weight seems to be a result from mince pies, Moroccan tagine from my recent trip, buttery Christmas cookies and handful upon handful of sugar laden fudge.

It was fun while it lasted but it's certainly time to charge forward with my bikini body blitz. I find the best way to achieve goals is to set (achievable) targets. My first target is to go to the gym every single day for thirty days for a minimum of thirty minutes. This partnered with my second goal of no dairy, reducing sugar and the hardest of all, turning my back to my daily Starbucks ritual should have me back into fighting shape in no time.

I'll check back with you after week one to give you some results.

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