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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

One day I will cut my hair just like this.

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Ruby Aldridge has killer street style. She's not about the latest designer bag, Louboutin's in exotic skins or stacks of Cartier Love Bracelets. Ruby sticks to a few beloved pieces in her wardrobe and revisits them over and over again. She proves the capsule dressing really is the smartest, economical, environmentally friendly and chicest way of dressing. I think it's harder to put together the perfect wardrobe filled with basics than have an unlimited budget and miles of Herve Leger dresses (yes Tamara Ecclestone I'm referring to you). 

We should all take a page out of Ruby's book, use what you have and work it.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I never took the time to appreciate how magical Lou Dillon's voice was. 

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My trip to America is slowly creeping up on me.

Whilst I'd love to pass my time skulking on motorcycles swamped in fur I fear the California weather and fairly frightening anti-fur police will not permit this. At least I can get away with neon tie-dye and American flag glasses.

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A little Marant to see you through Tuesday morning.

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Miranda Kerr proving that jeans and a t-shirt doesn't need to look sloppy.

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Victoria Baker-Harber from Made In Chelsea is one of my oldest friends. We have known each other since we were two years old and were instantly inseparable. Victoria has a wonderfully polished and put together style (even in gym clothes trust me). She has agreed to do a long anticipated interview which is hopefully the first of many.

LFW in Valentino

How would you describe your style?
I think my style is dependant on my mood. I like to look polished and groomed but never like a fashion victim.

What do you love about London street style?
I like the edginess of London street style and the way it has few boundaries. I think a lot of people in London can be stereotypes by the way they know what kind of vibe and character someone is by the way they put themselves together. It's kind of cool.

In Mary Katrantzou with a Valentino bag

What are your favourite designers?
This is a tricky one but at the moment I love Miu Miu. Alaia is classic and the pieces are investments and the shoes at the moment are exceptional. For swimwear obviously my range (Elle-en-Jette) because no one else has mastered the cut like I have. Celine are great for biker jackets and bags. I like designers who make things that are wearable as opposed to things that are so outrageous they grab the headlines at fashion weeks.

In Elle-en-Jette with a Balenciaga clutch

What are your holy grail beauty products?
Exfoliating gloves, I literally can't cope without them. Also I've just discovered BB cream ( a bit late on the bandwagon there). Original Kaajal Kohl eye stick is like my secret weapon. A Mason and Pearson hairbrush will always be in my bag (that's why I can't use those tiny box clutches). And let's not forget the heated rollers.

Who or what influences your style?
No one as everyone. I'm always observing what people are wearing and if they impress me, I'd say they influence me.

Herve Leger skirt

5 pieces in your wardrobe you couldn't live without?
Prada slippers, I have a few of these but they're so comfortable and always look sharp. Miu Miu leather trousers, they're so soft and well cut. I would wear them every day if I could. This amazing Miu Miu jacket which has slightly cropped sleeves and a dropped waist full circle pleat going on at the bottom. Plain black and white t-shirts, the basics are essential. Probably an Alaia skirt with these little holes that get bigger as it goes down. It's a work of art. Finally, let's not forget my Nikes.

What are your favourite travel destinations?
I've come to the conclusion that I'm not a mountain/snow/alpine person even though I would beat any of you down the slopes. Nothing beats a good beach; the Maldives is my number one place for this. I adore Bombay (Mumbai sorry...) I also love Bangkok, New York and I'm quite a fan of Monaco.

What are your evening wear essentials?
I rarely accessorise so make sure things are coordinated perfectly. A good timeless a-line dress that makes the waist look isty bitsy will never go out of date. Plus it makes the legs look nice and skinny. And a pair of killer heels. Never leave the jacket behind's not a good look to be freezing trying to hail a cab in the early hours of the morning.

In Herve Leger with Christian Louboutin pumps

What's your favourite piece in your jewellery collection?
Probably something I don't own (yet) but other than that a pave Cartier Love Bracelet.

Where is your favourite place to shop?
I love a good department store but I actually find it more enjoyable to rummage in a good market a million miles from home. You are guaranteed to come back with a better surprise than you would have expected.

Are there any secrets you have for styling when filming?
I'm still battling this one but if I am having a tired day, wear bright colours! It semi detracts from the look of fatigue! And I've recently learnt, face the light! Now I understand why superstars have so much lighting on's kind of an airbrush to remove any shadows!

Who do you think is the best and worst dressed from MIC?
Oh good...time to get the claws out. Well Mark without a doubt is the best dressed. He epitomises elegant male style and is always immaculate. I think people make a fuss of Rosie because she has a style blog but personally I think her style is a bit drab. Despite the differences between Millie and I, she has started putting herself together well. Louise has a slightly edgy side and isn't afraid to experiment which is refreshing. Other than that, they all dress quite similarly. It must be that reality TV show bug.

In a Lanvin swimsuit worn with white jeans

To buy pieces from Victoria's swimwear line please go to her website here.

If you have any suggestions for questions for another interview with Victoria please leave them below.

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Friday, February 22, 2013

I'm never normally a fan of collaborations between well heeled women and various brands however Caroline Issa's collection with L.K. Bennett has proved me wrong. I'm lusting after her beautifully embroidered pumps strewn with pompoms. They would be the perfect way to legitimise my consistent urge to wear black this winter and would see me through to spring and summer. 

The hardest part of the story is to decide which shoes will pair will be adorning your feet come spring.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

In one week I will be leaving the arctic temperatures of the UK to go to warmer climates.

You can bet your bottom dollar that these sunglasses are coming with me.

My Ray-Ban collection continues to grow.

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Miranda Kerr is sublime in Jalouse.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Some recent snippets from my weekend trip to Valentines day with my fiancĂ© (please don't expect pictures of monuments).

Date night
To my fiancĂ©s delight I'm actually wearing a bit of makeup.
Silk tank top: Vince

My only Paris purchase; a red studded Isabel Marant belt (get something similar here) and a pair of studded distressed leather boots which make a welcome change from Beketts (find yours here).

My favourite pair of heels which were a gift from my very generous mother for my birthday (thanks L). Find similar ones in brown here.

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Today I'm stuck in a little rut, I had such a wonderful gluttonous weekend in Paris that I can't think about clothes, bags, shoes or even jewellery. All I want to talk about is my love of stretchy pants and Tiffany blue Nike Frees (every mans worst nightmare). I thought I'd share with you my latest beauty find; Diorskin Nude BB Cream. 

I am the last person to jump on the BB cream bandwagon; I bought the hyped up Garnier version and ended up tossing it after one use it was thicker than any of my tinted moisturisers and turned me into a hot orange mess. The latest offering from Dior is everything I believe a BB cream should be; light and airy and makes your skin look like your skin  whilst thinly veiling any pigmentation, marks or dark circles. It has a very light SPF (10) and contains a blend of antioxidants which moisturises, smoothes, protects and corrects skin. The result is a light and dewy glow and refreshed looking skin. Sadly we won't all turn out looking like Nathalie Portman but it's a step in the right direction.

For my UK readers find it here.
For my overseas readers find it here.

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

True or false: I just purchased these Isabel Marant boots in Paris with the matching belt in red?

Try them for yourself here and here.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Nothing says love like a printed silk blouse.

A.L.C from Intermix.

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Summer Sun.

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Winter may be forcing us to wear our fathers moth-eaten sweaters, thick cable knit socks and give us an excuse to eat that extra box of chocolates and not feel bad. My favourite way to make me feel better in the arctic breezes of February are by wearing fabulous shoes. They can take your sloppy jumper from walk-of-shame to catwalk. 

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Today I'm wearing:
Fringed boots: Isabel Marant
Ripped jeans: Forever21
Sweater: Vince
Nail Polish: Essie's Russian Red

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Party pants via Isabel Marant.

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Whenever your mother berates you for looking too casual and living in jeans remember this. There's nothing like a Byzantine cross covered in pearls and brightly coloured stones to set your berating mother at ease.

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With Valentine's fast approaching it's nice to fantasize about what will accompany a beautiful bouquet of long stem roses, a handwritten love letter and a box of chocolate covered strawberries (a girl can dream). This year Repossi is that fantasy, and I'm not even going to be picky about what ring/ear cuff/bracelet/cuff I will receive.

What are your never-going-to-happen-keep-on-dreaming gift ideas?

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