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Saturday, December 29, 2012

If you can't find me at home, Heathrow seems like a good place to start looking. I've been on plane after plane recently and my hectic travel schedule doesn't look like slowing down.

Looking after yourself on long-haul flights is something that isn't discussed as much as it should be. Flying can wreak havoc on your skin so it's important that you bring you beauty regimen on board with you. Whilst I haven't yet succumbed to applying face masks on the plane I certainly enjoy my diy spa sessions.

Before I get on a plane (only when I'm flying long distances) I make sure that I slather some oil on the ends of my hair (olive oil works the best but if you want to avoid smelling like a runaway Caprese salad then Moroccan Oil is your best bet). Use more than you generally would after showering, this will lock in extra moisture and leave your hair silky soft after you're shower to rid you of lingering airplane smells.

I always bring a little kit with me on the plane, this is void of all make-up. I never really understood women who slap on foundation, concealer and other pore-clogging goodies for a trip.

Swap your airport security friendly clear plastic bag for a metallic woven Bottega Veneta makeup bag (now on sale at Net-a-Porter here).

These are my necessities:

1. Lip Balm
I generally bring a couple of these with me but recently it has been By Terry's Baume de Rose (here) and Lucas Papaw Ointment (here).

2. Hand Sanitizer
I've certainly got the potential to develop OCD a la Howard Hughes. I do my best to avoid using my hands to open doors, touch surfaces and other nasties in public spaces so hand sanitizer has become my new best friend. I pick up the mini bottles from Bath & Bodyworks in the US which come in all different scents. I've recently been using Gingerbread but all in all they mostly smell of germ stripping chemicals (no complaints there).

3. Hand Cream
One of the many things my mother taught me is the importance of hand cream. Since your hands are the first place to give away your true age it's important to look after them. I keep various hand creams next to my bed just to remind me once a day to look after my paws. My favourites so far are L'Occitane  Shea Butter Hand Cream (here) and Laura Mercier's Creme de Pistache (try Fresh Fig here) which smells so good you want to eat.

4. Evian Spray
I always travel with this to give my parched skin a light shot of moisture (available from Boots). This is the first step of my on-board cleansing programme. It also acts as a natural alarm clock giving your skin a wakeup call when it's time to land and all you want to do is curl up in bed and drink one Venti Starbucks after another.

5. Cleanser/Toner
I recently discovered a sample of Vichy's Purete Thermale Toner. I soak a cotton pad with this and run it all over my face to remove any excess dirt or grime which has parked itself on my skin throughout the flight. This is an instant pick-me-up for your skin and helps replace a little of the lost moisture.

6. Moisturiser
I recently discovered the new La Mer Gel de la Mer which is a lighter formula to the cult favourite Creme de la Mer. Again I try to bring as many sample sized products as possible to avoid turning my carryon bag into my own medi-spa. This has a beautiful texture which is light enough to avoid causing acne but moisturising enough to really leave skin looking refreshed and plump.

7. Eye Gel
I wasn't enamoured with the Garnier Caffine Eye Roll-on however it's perfect for travelling (available from Boots). It's a compact pen-sized product which really cools and refreshed tired eyes. I wouldn't use this every day but applied over the duration of a long flight it's fantastic.

8. Perfume
There is nothing worse than smelling like you've been rolling around the emergency exit on a plane. That horrible musty plane smell is never chic. It's important to carry a little travel sized atomiser which can give you a boost and leave you smelling impossibly fresh at baggage claim. I try to stick to lighter, classic smells which aren't overly musky or floral. Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle is perfect; you can buy it in a refillable travel sized spray which wouldn't look out of place in Grace Kelly's...Kelly. Find yours in duty free.

I hope that my travel beauty tips have been helpful, let me know if you have any other recommendations for your onboard spa sessions.

Happy travels!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I'm currently preparing for a 12hour flight tomorrow. I find flying notoriously hard to dress for, anything too tight and restricting leads to thrombosis and anything too sloppy and pyjama-like will leave you feeling like a hot mess.

Even though we sadly can't all look like Rosie, a simple blazer and hat are great travel accessories to keep you looking a little put together even if you are planning on throwing on fuzzy socks and an eye mask.

I'm currently putting together my tried and tested long-haul flight essentials, hopefully I'll have these up in the next day or two.

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I cannot get over how incredible Doutzen Kroes looks in these photos. Makes you feel kind of awful for having that third mince pie yesterday doesn't it?

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas.

No matter where you are in the world, I hope that you have a wonderful day with your family and loved ones close.

Thank you so much for getting me to almost 40,000 views this year. From the bottom of my heart, it means the world to me.

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One would think that the perfect pair of saddle shoes and boyfriend jeans would be easy enough to find. Quite on the contrary, my hunt for saddle shoes which would be the talk of a 50s high school dance and perfectly baggy and beaten boyfriend jeans seem to be as hard as the Sunday Times crossword puzzle.

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I'm slowly developing a backpack fetish, I just don't know where to begin. In a sea of backpacks it's better to for something classic in luxe exotic skins.

This crocodile backpack by Santiago Gonzalez would have kicked my Jansport's butt.

This other beauty from the Olsen's line The Row is probably my favourite (it even makes up for the fact that Ashley is indeed wearing Birkenstocks).

Finally if you cannot veer away from having some sort of label on your bags then this Louis Vuitton backpack is one of the few bags from their monogrammed collection which I'd happily tote around. 

What are your takes on backpacks?

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

When I was younger, beige was considered boring, safe and something middle aged women wore with sensible shoes walking their labradors. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with beige, it is just as important as staple pieces in black and white (as long as it's not paired with rubber soled shoes for dog walks).

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

I adore octopuses (especially when they're covered in olive oil and lemon waiting for me in the fridge) and I have to say I'm certainly not adverse to wearing them on my feet.

Stubbs & Wooten via Browns.

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Cara Delevigne's make up perfection.

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Friday, December 21, 2012

I've always loved the Chloe Susan boots. Sadly when they came out a few years ago I didn't manage to snap them up but thankfully they're back with a vengeance. Chloe has pumped out these puppies in nude, baby blue, grey, navy, red, you name it. Even though all the colours are beautiful the black with gold studs still manage to make my heart flutter.

Which are your favourites?

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I love a good peplum. 

This is especially spectacular (as is the oxblood Celine bag to the left).

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ulyana Sergeenko proves yet again that you don't need to be jumping on a night club table with a dress so small it would make Tarzan wince to get attention.

This is the right kind of attention-grabbing, classic sexy. Pushup bras and a dress from Lipsy is not.

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What are you planning on wearing for New Year's Eve? 

Alexander Wang is high on my list.

Nothing like showing a little flesh to ring in the New Year!

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It's just a black and white kind of day.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Quilted, coated, patent, distressed, paper thin, oxblood, bejewelled, I just love leather.

Mary-Kate's jacket is no exception.

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I'm having a Valentino moment right now so passing up on these patent studded beauties when we met in the crowded Saks shoe department today in Los Angeles just wasn't going to happen.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I have a Christmas treat for all my readers. My incredibly stylish friend Leila Kashanipour who is the owner and creator of the super-brand LeiVanKash has agreed to answer some questions on her personal style. Leila and I met while doing an Art Foundation course at Central St Martin's in London and she has since gone on to dominate the jewellery world with her pieces being sported on Olivia Polermo, Rita Ora and Leona Lewis to name but a few.

1. How would you describe your style? 
I like mixing things up, high street with designer. I guess I am a bit of rock chick on days , boho on others and at times go for the minimalist chic look. It all depends on my mood & the seasons! 


2. What do you love about London street style?
Its exciting, inspiring and different. It is such an international city that you have a bit of everything gathered in one place, from quirky to goth, polished chic to glamour and beyond!

3. Who are your favourite designers?
Celine, Isabel Marant, Givenchy, Acne, April May, Phillip Lim.
4. What are your holy grail beauty products?
For me this is all there is: Clinique night serum, Neutrogena moisturizer, Mac bronzer, Loreal mascara, Clarins eye liner, YSL & Chanel polish & Makeup Forever foundation & concealer

5. Who or what influences your style?
Everything,from photographs to street style, blogs, seasons, colors and I try to apply the same to my jewellery whilst keeping it all very true to my personality and style.

6. 5 pieces in your wardrobe you couldn't live without?
My LeiVanKash jewlelery, all my bags especially my new mini Chanel Boy, Celine's & Givenchy, leather biker jackets (all of them).

7. What are your favourite travel destinations?
New places are always my favorites.
8. What are you evening wear essentials?
Heels always makes me feel better as I am not exactly what you call tall.

9. What is your favourite piece in your jewellery collection?
All of them are my little babies, but currently obsessing over all my pinky/middle finger rings from the Flora Totem & Damocles collections.

10. Where is your favourite place to shop?
New York, Paris & London. Places like Harvey Nichols, Barneys, Opening Ceremony, Colette and on the boutique sides I love places like D&Me that stock my pieces, The Space in Paris and Wink in NYC.

Purchase LeiVanKash here.

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Barbara Martelo is one of my favourite people to watch out for during fashion week. Unlike Anna Dello Russo you tend to feel that she always looks effortlessly chic and timeless.

Her formula is simple; if it's short, black, leather and shows off her fabulous legs and footwear then it works. The glossy chestnut hair doesn't hurt either.

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