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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Erin Wasson is fabulous.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

When it comes to moisturisers I'm most certainly not one to test and try out the latest flavour of the month. My previous curiosities have resulted in allergies, lumps, bumps and even burns. My poor skin seems to be happy with Embryolisse, REN and Creme de la Mer (in the winter only).

During my recent trip to health food mecca Lazy Acres I spent a while cruising the isle filled to the brim with lotions and potions made from things I'd never heard of in places I've never heard of. While I was picking up a jar of pro-greens I was cornered by a sales assistant who was so incredibly excited about Evan Healy products. After giving my hand a mini-facial I had to have whatever she had slapped on. After being shooed by my impatient adoring mother I swiped up my new potions and headed for the checkout.

This is what came home with me; the Rose Petal Facial Tonic Hydrosol (left) and the Rosehip Treatment Facial Serum (right).

After cleansing (thankfully I got away before I ended up purchasing way more than my travel bag could handle) you give your face 3-5 spritz's of the Facial Tonic and gently pat it into your skin. Following this, you use one to two little pumps of the serum and slather it all over your face and neck, finishing off by patting the excess into your skin.

The result is skin so soft, so relaxed, so radiant I wouldn't be surprised if rumours started flying around about having a little extra 'help' from the doctor.

All of Evan Healy's products are free from nasties (paragons, GMO, petroleum, synthetic fragrances and gluten). They are 100% vegan, organic and they are not tested on animals.

The serum is absolutely sublime; it's filled to the brim with omega 3, fatty acids and vitamin A & C. It also is meant to help with fighting the signs of ageing and fights pigmentation and scarring. Practicality aside, my skin has never felt so soft.

The Facial Tonic would be perfect to bring on the plane to keep your skin hydrated and fresh during arduous flights.

For those who are interested, Evan Healy also has sample sized kits which are great for travelling or trying out the line to see if you're willing to commit or not.

Her products are available at health food stores throughout the US and can be ordered online here.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

I have been diligently waiting for summer ever since last summer finished. The majority of my summers are spent in Santa Barbara doing very little. My Santa Barbara uniform hasn't changed for the past 6 years. My closet is filled to the brim with T by Alexander Wang maxi dresses (which have started to double up as nightgowns), Enza Costa spaghetti strapped midi dresses and Victorian lace blouses with a snagged off Etsy. The only thing that ever changes are my shoes. Chloe has never let me down with summer shoes, their buttery soft flats in nude have become like a second skin and I'm filled with joy and excitement at the prospect of welcoming these wrap leather wedges into my capsule wardrobe. 

I have searched high and low for these wedges since last summer and finally found them (there are a couple sizes online if anyone else has been on a similar hunt). Paired with a little dress they will (hopefully) throw people off that I really am wearing my pyjamas.

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Those of you in California who are lucky enough to live near a Pressed Juicery should be counting your lucky stars. Tomorrow I'm embarking on a three day juice only cleanse. 

Considering my time in California is spent lounging by the pool, taking leisurely walks on the beach and driving around listening to Bob Dylan I can't imagine this will be too taxing.

I'm a big fan of detoxing; I recently did a five day detox in London and had fabulous results. I was a little brighter, a little lighter and had much more energy. This shouldn't be viewed as a quick way to fit into your too-skinny-skinny-jeans but rather as a way to get that spring in your step right back where it belongs.

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

I am in the midst of wedding planning. I have always wanted a hazy wedding filled with candles and heady smelling flowers. More importantly than that is the dress. I have tried on everything; one shoulder, off the shoulder, strapless, big tulle skirts, something that resembles a breathy nightgown, dresses covered in enough jewels to create riots amongst Lebanese singers and even simple silhouettes.

After extensive research I have concluded that Vanessa Traina's Givenchy wedding dress (and her wedding) is my favourite. She looks, clean, elegant, beautiful and radiant not like a bride preened within every last inch of her body to look like the runner up in a Texan beauty pageant. 

What are your favourite bridal looks?

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Nothing says 'spring come and get me' quite like a pair of high wasted flared jeans and the perfect cotton blouse (preferably white made from whisper thin material). 

Hopefully for those of you stuck in subzero temperatures in Europe these happy thoughts of outfits to come will bring the sun out lickity split.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I was totally underwhelmed by the fashion choices at Coachella. The best thing I could find was Miranda Kerr's leather shorts which owe their greatness due to the fact that her legs go on for miles. 

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mango certainly pulled this one out of the bag.

Almost makes me want to shop there.


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Friday, April 12, 2013

I am a total sucker for Diptyque candles. They make perfect gifts and just add warmth to any room they're in. 

They also make bad-ass brush holders or vases for a little selection of tea roses.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's important to educate yourself as to what you're putting into your body if you're expecting a lot out of it.

I've decided to lead a healthier lifestyle so my diet is the first thing to overhaul. I will never be the girl who will spend hours in the kitchen cooking, roasting and baking but I will spend time throwing together healthy salads and snacks.

One of my fail safe recipes is a trusty kale salad which takes a matter of minutes to whip up.

First start off with a big bowl of freshly washed organic baby kale.

Then I mix a very generous helping of guacamole to the leaves which acts as your dressing.

Following this I add some pomegranate which also adds some colour to the salad (remember you also eat with your eyes).

I normally grill some chicken, shred it and add it to the salad but you can add butternut squash, courgettes, prawns or even a little tinned tuna.

I decided to have mine with a lovely salmon burger.

Please share your favourite salad recipes with me to try out!

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

With the weather not able to make it's mind up if it's winter or spring hats are the perfect transitional accessory. They'll keep your head warm, coverup unsightly roots which even dry shampoo won't help or provide a great prop for hiding yourself from awkward run-ins.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Just like a good pair of jeans, a denim jacket that belongs over everything, a LBD, a LWD and a leather jacket, the denim shirt is a wardrobe necessity. It has the power to tone down an outfit that could be overkill (hi Anja Rubik), it adds a little structure whilst not parading as an uncomfortable starchy blouse and works perfectly on those days where you feel a little over indulged and uninspired.

These are a couple of my favourite:
Rag & Bone/Jean Trail Shirt

Express Dark Wash Denim Shirt

Gap 1969 Western Shirt

Alternatively you can go vintage to find that perfectly worn-in shirt if the thought of shopping at Express is too terrifying to fathom.

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Oh Ruby Aldridge, you are so fabulous. Even the Red Hot Chilli Peppers take the back seat.

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