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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

As I was sunning myself today in the Cote d'Azur I thought it would be interesting to let you all know my must haves for the beach. Of course I am horridly nosy so something like this would result me rabidly foaming at the mouth.

1. Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil/lotion (always with an SPF of 15 or above, looking like a bacon rasher is not chic). The smell takes me back to swimming pools, sun in and braiding your hair aged 11.

2. Bright pink nail polish for your toes. This allows you to have summery nails without looking ridiculous wearing Essie's Mint Candy Apple akimbo.

3. Lip gloss & lip balm. When it comes to this it's best to have both. Smith's Rosebud Salve has long been my favourite as has Baum de Rose by Terry (prepare to loath yourself after forking out a week's supply of groceries on a lip balm). I've recently acquired Guerlain's latest lipgloss from their Pucci collection in a luminous coral and love it on warm summer nights with bare shoulders, a tan and freckles which would leave my dermatologist in a rage.

3. Hair oil. I recently (as in today) discovered Rene Furterer's  Huile d'Ete Protectrice which is essentially suntan oil for your hair. I always thought this was another useless product but your hair can literally fry on the beach and no matter how banging your tan is or your bikini body, frizzy hair won't do anyone any favours. This leaves your hair lusciously slick and looks great in sleek pony tails in the evening.

4. A killer bikini. Missoni is my weapon of choice but La Perla and Mara Hoffman make pieces which will turn heads and get you noticed in the surf.

5. A beach bag. Put away your Louis Vuitton and Goyard bags (they're littered all over European holiday destinations) and pick up a basket. You can pick one up from Balenciaga or a Provincial weekend market. The more battered the better.

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