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Monday, July 30, 2012

Finding the perfect t-shirt is like finding the perfect apartment. It's a hassle and you have to try a couple bad ones on before you reach the end of the rainbow. Basics are often the hardest pieces to get right - finding a great fitting pair of jeans often feels like solving the million dollar question on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. This summer I stumbled upon a couple t-shirts which have kicked all of my other t-shirts butts. My mens ribbed wifebeaters just don't seem to cut it anymore.

1. Rag & Bone Pocket Tee

This is soft, cashmere soft and has the perfect roomy, lived in feel that new t-shirts just don't have anymore. 

2. Isabel Marant Linen Tee

This t-shirt is more fitted but it's beautifully long to cover up all of evidence that I've spent summer hoarding Tarte Tropezienne instead of hitting the early bird spinning class at my local hot house. 

3. Enza Costa Ribbed Tank Tops

These are my holy grail of all tank tops. My tank top obsession started at the ripe old age of 13 and I'm fairly certain I've owned every kind under the sun (one of my favourites being mens Fruit of the Loom that I glamourously buy in packs of 5 from Costco). This tank is slightly loose, slightly long, thin ribbed and comfortable enough to wear for three days straight and not feel bad.

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