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Friday, December 7, 2012

My style has evolved over the years. There was the Juicy tracksuit phase where I wanted every colour under the sun, the stage where I wouldn't wear anything that wasn't vintage and embarrassingly enough the skateboarding phase I went through when I was 12 (no, I didn't know how to skateboard).

Recently I want simplicity, classic pieces, clean lines. I am attempting to rejig my entire wardrobe to create the perfect capsule wardrobe which knows no seasons or trends (I'm planning a big post on that to come in the next week or two).

One of my new favourite bags in the Givenchy Antigona which I'm currently stalking in emerald green crocodile (don't worry Steve Irwin lovers it's only stamped) which will replace my much-loved Balenciaga's and look-at-me clutch bags.

Get yours from Luisaviaroma in a beautiful powder blue here.

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