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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fallon Khan Zweegers

It's been a while since I interviewed one of my fabulous friends. Todays post is a few tidbits from Fallon Khan Zweegers' fast paced life. Her blog Bible For Fashion has long been one of my daily port of calls. Here she answered a selection of questions to give us all an insight into the lifestyle of a fashion blogger.

1. Name
Fallon Khan Zweegers

2. Profession 
I'm a bit like a super hero with two identities. During the day I run my family's art gallery, Imitate Modern and at night I'm a fashion blogger. To be honest though, fashion and art are a lot more entertwined, so the two roles cross over quite a bit.

3. How did you get into blogging? 
I did work experience with Burberry within their UK press department, and part of my job was researching all the different fashion blogs. After reading what feels like 100s, I thought that quite a few of them were terrible, and the ones that were great inspired me to start my own one, but obviously with my own twist. 

4. What do you love most about blogging? 
I love hearing back from readers! It probably makes the hours that go into my blog the most worthwhile part when I hear that someone liked a particular post, or if they are going through something similar to me (I like being quite personal when I write) or even to just say hi (I'm quite social!)

5. Top five favourite blogs? 
Hmm.. Is it egotistical to say Number 1 Bible For Fashion? Just kidding! 1) The Blonde Salad- I love her pictures and videos which sometimes look better than certain magazine editorials. 2) This Chick's Got Style- Another Dutch girl like me, but I love her style, it's so un-Dutch! 3) The Londoner- I know her through another blogger friend, and I love the way she writes, it's very engaging and she does great recipe posts (try her Slutty Brownies). 4) Man Repeller- Her posts are laugh out loud, and I just love her style. She had perfected that thrown together Carrie Bradshaw style that most people get so wrong. 5) How could I not say SLSStyle? I'm a big fan! 

6. What is your typical day to day London look? 
Well my day is quite active at the gallery, there is usually quite a lot of running around, or moving art work, so a must is shoes that can take a bit of wear. 

7. What are your evening wear essentials?
Usually a dress (I don't really do trousers), paired with a pair of high heels and a clutch. I'm not really into matchy matchy looks, so I try to make sure my accessories like my bag, heels or jewellery are something a bit quirky, maybe a clashing colour or print. I'm also always quite made-up (I'm very girly, I love make-up!) but I do stick to the rule of either heavy eye make-up, or a bold lip but not both. Hair is usually an after thought if I have enough time and my boyfriend isn't ushering me out the front door.
8. Heels or flats? 
Is this a trick question? Of course heels! As if I would be caught dead in flats (although I have secretly become a wedge convert thanks to Isabel Marant).

9. Favourite summer travel destinations? 
Summer is always so hard to pack for as different places, have different "dress codes". I've been going to Mykonos every summer for the last 10 years and for me it's just summer heaven, no where can come close. I also love Capri and this probably one of the only times I will wear sandals, but the nice chic jewelled ones that you can buy from here. Those cobbled hills are treacherous for ankles if you decide to brave stilettos! 

10. Summer must haves?
1) Leave in hair conditioner- I'm a huge fan of Aussie's Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-in Conditioner (I spritze it into my hair the whole day). 2) A good pair of beach friendly wedges- As I said I'm not a fan of sandals on the best of days, and I am definitely not a flip flops person. 3) Fun sunglasses- I literally have 100s, and they don't need to be expensive designer brands. The more colourful the better.  4) For years I was bad with my skin, but recently I've become a little hugely worried about sun damage so I'm now a huge believer in applying Reimann's P20 lotion to my skin before I even leave my hotel room (it protects your skin for the whole day in the sun and it's really a wonder invention for people like me who fall asleep in the sun and forget to apply protection).

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  1. Fallon is such a beauty, as are you S! love both of your blogs and I really enjoyed this post. xx

  2. Loved this interview - it's a great way to get to 'know' someone!