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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer Sun

After living in the subterranean London temperatures year round, feeling the hot sun is something quite wonderful. Although this statement is a dermatologists nightmare I love bronzed skin and a scatter of newly formed freckles.

I have incredibly sensitive skin so getting the correct suntan lotion is imperative. 
Lancaster is by far my favourite suncare line. I have never tried a product that I don't like. They have the best mud coloured deep tanning lotion I've ever used (although beware when wearing light clothes as it stains).

The Oil-Free Milky Spray is a great place to start (here).

My latest discovery is the organic line Coola. This is feather light on your skin and doesn't feel one bit greasy. They also come in various scents like Pina Colada which will leave you smelling sweet and beachy as opposed to a raving alcoholic who has spent the past week sleeping rough outside a beach bar.

Check out Coola's website here.

Finally for my chest and face I stick with Dermalogica Super Sensitive Faceblock which doesn't irritate my overly sensitive skin or cause any unnecessary breakouts. I won't touch anything else.

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