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Friday, February 3, 2012

I've never been a huge fan of flying so hearing about the airplane set for the recent Chanel couture show didn't arouse the standard feeling of breathlessness and pure excitement that this show delivers.

After frantically scouring the plethora the pictures on the afterthought wasn't great. While the collection was filled with spectacular intricate details my mind began to wander. Did the plane set have that horrible lingering aroma which greets you on each flight? Were there sick bags in the back of the seats? What about emergency exits? Did pre-show refreshments come in flimsy paper cups accompanied by a half hearted bag of pretzels? 

Perhaps these thoughts are limited to my imaginative little head however I can't help but feel that the set detracted from the show. I can't help but think that an elegant Orient Express setup would have been so much more unique (and wouldn't involve pretzels and sick bags).
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  1. I so agree! When I heard the Chanel collection centered around airline stewardesses and airplanes I was really confused. I also don't think of glamour when I consider flights but perhaps Karl has had different experiences then us. I also thought it was an odd venue for couture, I agree with you an Orient Express would be more fitting for a couture collection.