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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

As beautiful as Thylane Blondeau is, I find it appalling that an 11 year old girl is being taken into the fashion world with open arms. Last year she shocked many doing a spread in Vogue laden with blood red lips and smoky eyes. Call me old fashioned but in economically developed countries (and hopefully one day in developing countries) we are lucky enough that children can have a childhood, especially those that grow up privileged. This beautiful young girl is being thrown into an adult world and is being robbed of an adolescence. Her parents are both successful in their own right and have no needs to do this to their children. Much like Kris Jenner, I think women or parents that exploit their young children are deplorable. This world is hard enough so those lucky enough to experience a childhood should be able to enjoy it while they can. Thylane will no doubt be a very successful model but why couldn't she start at the old age of 16?

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