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Thursday, June 27, 2013

It's been a while since I've written a post on a new makeup discovery.

Hourglass's Ambient Lighting Powder are my new favourite things. These are a multi use powder which can be used as a highlighter or an all over powder. There are six various shades, which are intended to diffuse and soften the way light reflects on your skin. The powders are finely milled and there are no chunks of glitter or shimmer. These won't leave you with oily or shiny looking skin. Best of all  these powders are free from talc, gluten fragrance and nanoparticles.

I purchased Dim Light and Luminous Light. Whilst these little treasures aren't cheap; they will certain last you the next twenty years (unless you apply your makeup with a shovel). Luminous Light is by far my favourite and was one of the few products which made it across the pond to America with me for my 7 week trip away.

That's saying something.

Luminous Light

These are available at Sephora here or for my UK readers at Space NK here.

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  1. please do a post on your beauty routine and whats in your make up bag!

    1. I absolutely will! I should have this up at the end of the week! x

    2. thank you! Btw, I just bought hourglass's Mood Light and its amazing!

    3. They're really essentials! I'm planning a travel makeup blog now! x