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Sunday, August 4, 2013

I have another spine-tinglingly good interview for you curtoesy of my longtime pal, Hugo Taylor. After taking a break from the reality TV circuit, Hugo has been busy creating his latest venture; Taylor Morris Eyewear which is a sure hit.

Hugo kindly answered a few questions for SLSStyle's readers. This is hopefully the first of many!

  Why did you want to start designing sunglasses?
Charlie and I have had passion, bordering on near obsession, with sunglasses for many years. We were motivated by wanting to create sunglasses both luxurious yet affordable so we could share our passion with the people around us.

 What makes the perfect pair of sunglasses?
There are three main elements to a perfect pair of sunglasses. 1st and foremost is fit. The numbers written on the interior left temple of your sunglasses are basically its keys measurements. Like a saville row suit, our sunglasses have been meticulously designed and redesigned until we felt that the shape ,balance and distribution was spot on. Secondly you have acetate. Acetate is the material from which your glasses are made. Taylor Morris sources from one of the oldest producers in Italy benefiting from their 150 years of experience. last and by no means least are the lenses. Its pointless to have a great frame without a great lens. The purpose of Taylor Morris’ lenses is to protect the eyes but also make the world around you that little bit more beautiful. Mind you all this means nothing if the glasses look like shit! Luckily we think Taylor Morris Eyewear is pretty cool.

(These are top of my list!)

What inspired your first collection?
The inspiration for our début collection is British Sartorial elegance combined with timeless Hollywood glamour. We are trying to keep our overall look classical but with modernisation and reinvention of the shape. We have been inspired by stars of stage and screen such as jack Nicholson, Steve McQueen, Audrey Hepburn and Edie Sedgwick , but also the world around us. Charlie and I look at every persons pair of sunglasses we pass in the street, its rather perverse of us.

Who would you like to see in your sunglasses?
Charlie and I have very similar cultural heroes. I suppose if it had to be one person it would be Keith Richards from the Rolling stones. For a girl it would have to be Grace Kelly.

Which celebrities do you think have the best eyewear?
These days there are a few people leading the pack. We love how adventurous Robert Downey Junior is. Kristen Stewart is always wearing beautiful and subtle glasses. Kim Sears always rocks a nice pair at Wimbledon! Hopefully next year when Andy wins again she will be wearing Taylor Morris!

Other than sunglasses what are your summer essential items?
For girls we would summer style Taylor Morris with a fun Bikini. We like Beach Bunny Bikinis, a cool sarong and a pair of Charlotte Olympia Wedges. Think this gives a cool yet informal summer vibe. For Boys style your Taylor Morris glasses with some turquoise Love Brand swimming trunks, handmade and fitted linen shirt from Noden and Winsor. All that and a magnum of Rosé

Where are Taylor-Morris sunglasses available from? 
The best place to purchase Taylor Morris Eyewear is through our website. we offer next day delivery so if you are off on holiday you can have them the next day!

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