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Saturday, August 10, 2013

I never thought I'd be doing a blog post on dental hygiene however this Marvis Jasmine Mint toothpaste is too good to ignore.

I was one of those children who HAD to love my toothpaste in order to enjoy brushing my teeth. Milk Teeth and Punch & Judy strawberry toothpaste was all I'd touch until I hit puberty. Since then I would use whatever I'd find first at Boots until now.

These toothpastes come in a myriad of flavours which means that my inner five year old can secretly enjoy dental care. So far the Jasmine Mint is my absolute favourite. There's a little something for everyone; even a cinnamon flavour for those Big Red devotees and liquorice for those who can take an enamel friendly trip to a sweet shop every morning and night.

For all UK readers, Marvis is available on Amazon here.

Further information can be found on the Marvis Mint website here.

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