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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Earlier this month I posted a restrained review on Virgo's Lounge and their lack of customer service (here). I wanted to update you on my progress so far. After my review was posted I was contacted by Virgo's Lounge who wanted to amend their actions of ignoring my return requests and not refunding me. As well as finally refunding me (I am yet to double check this with my bank) they also offered to send me any piece from their website as a gesture of goodwill. 

I went away last week and hadn't heard back from them so was starting to think that I had been left in the dark once again. However, today when I returned to see my unopened treasure trove of boxes (I have a serious online shopping addiction) I came across a package from VL. I had requested the Oceana maxi dress (here). 

Although their customer service has put me off from ordering from their online store again (I'd rather go to Topshop where they sell VL) I am happy with the lengths they went to in order to take the sting out of my shopping experience. I'm looking forward to wearing my new dress on my upcoming girls trip to Capri with a pair of handmade sandals and Persol's.

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  1. I'm happy to hear that you had a Positive experienc, but I had a horrendous time.

    They failed to acknowledge my returned goods (sent back a day after I received them because 2didnt fit and one was the wrong size they sent in error).

    I hounded them for 2 weeks, was sent an email by the apologising and promising to deal with my refund of £374 in 3-5 days.

    After another 2 weeks, still no refund.

    Finally got. Y refund back with no apology after I threatened to report them to the Office of Fair Trading and actually did report them to the Citizens Advice Bureau.

    I am DISGUSTED and have never been so badly treated as a customer. I have posted on Facebook and searched on the Internet and it seems my experience is not unique.

    In these times of recession and competition from other retailers who also want our money, surely Virgos Lounge can't continue like this if they want more customers?!

    I will definitely not be buying anything from them again, despite already spending around £300 and as a journalist, I will be using my skills and influence to spread the word until they significantly improve their customer service.

    1. I certainly won't be shopping with them again! It's not worth the headache!

  2. I have also had to chase them for a refund. They seem to leave refunding money until they contacted perhaps in the hopes that it will be forgotten about. I also saw recently that they had a notice on their website stating that they would not refund goods which were bought in the sale - I think perhaps they need some education on the Distance Selling Regulations.

  3. I bought the yellow Danica dress from the Virgos Lounge website & wore it recently. I had the dress dry cleaned in
    accordance to the dry cleaning instructions. Unfortunately the dress
    was destroyed during the process where all the gold paint on the
    beadings was removed and covered the whole dress and the purple beads
    on the dress. The item is no longer wearable. The dry cleaners used
    the procedures as indicated so the cleaning instructions were
    I have emailed Virgos lounge numerous times over the past few weeks, not a single acknowledgement. Disgraceful customer service.

  4. Terrible customer service. No courtesy . I ordered a dress late last year for a friends wedding, I didn't bother trying it on as it was my size and felt confident that it would be nice. Unfortunately, I couldn't zip the dress up, my friends helped all to no avail. The zip broke eventually and I couldn't attend the wedding. I left it and paid £30 to have a stronger and a better zip. I gave them a benefit of a doubt, I ordered another dress in March 2015 for my birthday and the same thing happened again, i had to wear an old dress for my own party.I contacted virgos lounge, no professionalism, no simple apology. I was told to return it and came here to read the reviews a few weeks back. I decided not to return it because of the stress I'd have to go through to get my money back. It's only common sense that you use strong Zipper for heavy beaded dresses and with the price of your dresses the beads shouldn't be falling off easily. I am so disappointed and won't recommend anyone. There are better and more reliable online stores. I sure won't be stopping here.

  5. I have to agree that VL customer service sucks!!? Very poorly handled by their team. They only told me after two weeks of waiting for my dress that it was unavailable!! Wth!

  6. did any of you guys have to pay for return shipping or did VL refunded you back