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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

It's safe to say that I've got a shoe problem. I've had one as long as I can remember, it's even cropped up once or twice as a supposed insult in childhood fights ("You spend all your money on shoes and then can't eat for the rest of the month" 

I've recently begun collecting Givenchy shoes. Although they're not the most comfortable they're certainly pleasing to the eye (unless your limping up Madison Avenue with blood spurting out your shoes (true story).

I recently bought a pair of fabulous rubber sandals (above) and a pair of silk sneakers which almost look better with tailored trousers than they do with jeans.

Who knows which pair I'll re-home next but I've been eyeing up a pair of perspex, wood, leather and a whole bunch of fabulous ones (below). I bought and returned the infamous black boots after a friend told me they remind her or something far too obscene to post on the internet (thanks Charlotte).

That being said I'm looking forward to a very long and happy relationship with my Givenchy's.

(Please note, it's never chic for your pinky toe to hang out of the side of your shoe like a claw)

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