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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I'm not a big accessories person. I always said that I wish I never got my ears pierced (my belly button is a whole different story). I don't mind the odd vintage St Christopher charm or my stolen heap of vintage Bulgari that my mother thinks is locked up in the safe. I've never either been a pearls kind of girl. They alway reminded me of horsey mothers who wore oversized plastic pearl studs and wore stained cashmere and ate partridges but alas, Chanel have since changed that notion.

Chanel's 2013 spring/summer collection featured some fairly forgettable pieces for the most part (yes I'm talking about you hula hoop bag) however their uncomfortably big, I-could-look-good-on-a-Christmas-tree pearl necklace caught my eye.

Deciding to play it safe and not spend $9,000 on a necklace I'd most likely want to hawk on eBay next year I spotted this beauty on my recent pilgrimage to Zara. Whilst she may not be as bulky, fully and bulbous as the Chanel necklace it certainly has the same effect. I'm looking forward to debuting her tomorrow with a beaten up tank top, oversized jeans and a pair of pink Manolo's fit for a princess.

Get yours from Zara here and here.

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