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Monday, September 9, 2013

Summer in London is well and truly over. Yesterday I spent the day neatly folding my kaftans and whisper-thin silk dresses and putting them in the depths of my closet drawers where they will surely not see the light for another few months.

While my tan is rapidly fading, my morning spring in my step has disappeared and my vitamin D levels are plummeting I am rather excited at the prospects of wearing heavy knits, bulky coats and hats galore.

I know that fur may not be some peoples cup of tea but personally I love it. I do however make sure that I never buy fur from China (which is usually the cheapest) as their practices are overwhelmingly cruel. Do make sure that your furs are responsibly farmed or go vintage.

Kate Moss probably has one of the most magical fur collections and in the spirit of the changing of the seasons I wanted to post a few of my favourites.

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