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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I must say that I've never been into skulls or gothic jewellery. My limited jewellery collection mostly consists of things I've poached from my mother and Navajo turquoise that I bought in Monument Valley and Pawn Stores. I can singlehandedly credit Christian Audigier and Chrome Hearts for making me wretch at the sound of skull jewellery, skull hats or even worse bejewelled skull tshirts however Jade Jagger's recent offering has given me a change of heart. Delicate gold skulls featuring pastel coloured semi precious stones is sure to get even the most steadfastly girly girl excited.

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  1. oh i LOVE a good peice of skull jewellery! fab post. i found your blog from, ill be following your blog!

  2. thank you so much! that means a lot to know i'm doing something right!