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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Now I'm sure none of you are strangers to dip dyeing, it's everywhere, on everyone, some good, some bad, some criminal. I remember the days when I used to colour the tips of my hair with different highlighters during chemistry classes at school. Who cared about the periodic table when you could have fluro green hair. This experimentation got a little out of hand when I decided to take it one step further and buy pink hair dye at Ad Hoc (seeing Baby Spice's phenomenal ombre hair on MTV was the final straw). 

My DIY ombre looked fierce for the first week, everyone apart from my mother and prehistoric gym teacher loved it. That was until it started to wash out to reveal a colour that would make Cilla Black uncomfortable. 

Regardless of that, the itch has come back and I'm seriously considering going back to Ad Hoc and trying baby blue.
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